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Fixture Specification Certain light fixtures often perform better than others at specific heights and in specific environments. As part of our turnkey commercial light pole installation service, we identify the types of fixtures you will need, how many we need to provide you, and what customization options you will require for optimal lighting results.
Wind Zone Research
Wherever you are located in the United States, you reside within an area designated by the EPA as a specific wind zone. This designation refers to the speed of the wind in your area at various elevations. WIND LOAD refers to the ability of a commercial light pole to safely withstand the strongest possible winds in your area without collapsing. High Intensity Discharge Lamps.

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To install the most suitable commercial light poles, you have to know all the specifics about your particular wind zone, and you have to know how to equivocate the wind load of a pole you may be interested in buying in relationship to the specifications mandated by Federal law.
This is too much research time, and too much math, for your staff to expedite in a profitable time frame. As a nationwide specialist in commercial lighting pole installs, we already have this data for most parts of the country. If you live in a remote area, we can easily find it.
Local Codes/Lighting Restrictions
Installation of commercial lighting poles is also subject to local laws that govern lighting levels and lighting sources. The height and fixture mount on each pole has a direct impact on the direction and intensity of the light. RLLD Commercial Lighting will see to it that you have the best possible poles that produce the best quality and quantity of light within the boundaries of local laws and area lighting restrictions.
Quote The quote we publish to you will always represent a fair, cost effective, and accurate estimation of multiple values. First, we expand upon your idea in a practical, systematic manner, researching and detailing all of the technology
involved to ensure its longevity, legality, and viability. Secondly, by calculating exactly how much lighting you need, we can show you exactly how many commercial poles and fixtures you need without wasting money or time. Consider how
much more value you will gain when you obtain design, research, technical calculations, equipment, and installation from the same source. One source seamlessness means timely results, lower margins for error, and greater opportunities for long term return on investment.